About Us

We are brothers in tea.

We became dear friends after meeting in college. One of the many things we had in common was the fact that while everyone else was drinking coffee, we drank tea. At the time it was just an Irish Breakfast Blend with milk and honey, but as you would most likely understand, tea soon planted roots in our souls. Dennis found that there was a tea importer in his hometown, and from there we had a diving board from which to plunge into the wide world of loose leaf tea. After some years learning to navigate the world of tea, we learned how to steep, how to find better and better teas, and we taught ourselves, and in turn taught each other a great deal about the joys of tea.

Tea is an enigma to Westerners like us. It takes a lot of diligence and patience to truly learn a thing or two about tea. There are many misleading definitions of what it means to be a certain type of tea. Everyone has their own opinion on how to properly steep. Things can be very confusing when trying to learn more about this leaf we all revere. We started this site to share what has helped us put our heads around tea, and what has been a hindrance learning. We hope that together we can all learn more about tea and increase our enjoyment of the leaf.

干杯 , gān bēi


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